Call for Track Proposals


The Eleventh Dialog System Technology Challenge (DSTC11)

Call for Track Proposals

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Following on the success of the DSTC shared tasks since 2013, the DSTC organizing committees would like to invite track proposals for the 11th Dialog System Technology Challenge (DSTC11) which will be held in 2022-2023.



The challenge will consist of 3-4 tracks on the dialog research problems including, but not restricted to, the following topics:

* End-to-end dialog systems

* Dialog state tracking

* Dialog policy learning

* Spoken language understanding

* Natural language generation for dialog systems

* Multi-lingual dialog processing

* Multi-modal dialog processing

* Knowledge-grounded dialog processing

* Dialog evaluation

* Any other dialog-related tasks



Track proposals should be about two (2) pages of main contents including the following:

* A title and a brief description of the proposed tasks

* A brief description of the datasets

* A brief description of the evaluation methods

* The names and full contact information of the track organizers

Track organizers are encouraged also to provide examples of input and output data as supplementary materials.



Track proposals should be submitted by filling out the submission form no later than February 4, 2022. PDF format is preferred for your proposal document.



The organizers of every submitted proposal are invited to present their track details at DSTC11 planning session scheduled in the DSTC10 Workshop which will be held as an AAAI-22 Workshop in February 2021.



* February 18, 2022: Track Proposal Submission Deadline

* February, 2022: DSTC11 Planning Session @ DSTC10 Workshop

* March 31, 2021: Track Acceptance Notification






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