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The Eleventh Dialog System Technology Challenge (DSTC11)

Call for Sponsors



The DSTC has been a premier research competition for Dialog Systems since its inception in 2013. DSTC11 has five tracks: (1) Ambiguous Candidate Identification and Coreference Resolution for Immersive Multimodal Conversations, (2) Intent Induction from Conversations for Task-Oriented Dialog, (3) Speech-Aware Dialog Systems Technology Challenge, (4) Robust and Multilingual Automatic Evaluation Metrics for Open-Domain Dialog Systems, and 5) Task-oriented Conversational Modeling with Subjective Knowledge.  

We will have a wrap-up workshop to review the state-of-the-art performance and novel approaches on the DSTC11 tasks and discuss the next directions for dialog technology challenges at the two-day workshop at SIGDIAL x INLG 2023. We will invite general technical papers for dialog technologies and keynote speakers who have proposed cutting-edge approaches which can be applied to dialog technologies.


We are starting to solicit sponsorship for the DSTC11 workshop. These funds will be used to offset some costs for items such as social events, honorariums for invited speakers, supporting students, etc. In exchange for your support, we will provide the opportunity to promote your company during the workshop and through the webpage. The sponsorship package for DSTC11 is shown below. We would greatly appreciate it if you could contribute to DSTC11.


If you are interested in sponsoring DSTC11, please contact us. We hope you will be able to sponsor DSTC11, and we look forward to hearing from you.




DSTC11 Organizing Committee 



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